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September 06, 2008


Tony Archer


I am Supermom from South Arica's Dad. Just loved the humour in your blog. Keep it up! And cricket - well it is something like baseball on Valoids, but still a great game!

cowgirls' mom

When girls number 1 and 2 were little and played co-ed soccer (yes, we allowed them to play one year only because they were too young to play instructional league T-ball), all the kids moved in a scrum around the ball. You couldn't tell one head from another so we put a HUGE red bow in their hair - no, HUGE doesn't even begin to describe it -ENORMOUS!!! It was a great way to pick them out of the crowd and thus began the whole "Yea, so what if I wear a bow. It will still hurt if I throw this ball at you" attitude. Maybe you could glue something really big and ferocious to the top of The Boy's helmet - girls #3 and #4 suggested antlers - multifunctional!


How adorable is THAT!? Clearly I have no idea what's going on there but your son is WAY more handsome than the others.... uhm...not that you can see them behind those helmets but I'm sure he is lol

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