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August 12, 2008


jenni from the hood

Who wants to come to Jenni's next dinner party???


I have never been more thankful that I
am an AMERICAN!!! Three cheers for the Good'Ol US of A!!! Cheesburger anyone?? How about a Bud Light with it??!!!!!

Triple L

Why would anyone even think of eating that stuff? Good Luck Jenni with all your meals in China. It has me thinking twice about going to visit.

Kim in SC/Dixcgirl

Jill, I knew you'd appreciate the grossness (is that a word?) of my forward! And you thought Chicken Feet were bad!

Mach One

I thought that rocky mountain oysters bad - this is just plain wrong.


The woman appears to be gagging. Can you imagine her response to ole Eeyore?!

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