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July 17, 2008


Triple L

I think it lists me as being from Detroit. You know that doesn't make me happy. Anyway I'm the one from Detroit on the Apple computer. Really, I am from Lake Orion, MI, a much nicer place to live than Detroit. Have fun this weekend, I wish I was part of your book club. My book club is falling apart-we haven't met in at least six months.


I'm from St. Paul, MN. It's been awhile. I can't recall why I lost track of you but thanks for the email. And for allowing us out here in the world to see how your world runs. I don't have a blog but I like to read blogs. I'm a Mom to two grown boys and I have a "high school sweetheart" for a husband for the last 33 years.

I originally connected with you via the Pioneer Woman when you won the camera! I still read her, too.

I'm sorry to hear about your BFF moving. It's so hard to adjust to a big change like that for you and your daughter. I hope it will be alright for you.

Uncle Garr

Uncle Garr is actually in Rochester Hills...not Rochester as indicated. (The taxes in Rochester are who needs that?) ;-) I have been friends w/ JillyD and Mach One since 1990...when big hair, shoulder pads and Forenza sweaters were still in! And, in our quest to be just like them, Mr. Uncle Garr and I have also have a "The Girl" (age 11) and a "The Boy" (age 7), who are months younger than their versions.

Did you know JillyD has an aversion to bananas? And using public restrooms?

Have a great time at the cottage ~ love to you all!


hi jill - you do know me from work and your blog cracks me up on a regular basis. glad you're back to posting. i'm in allen, tx. have fun this weekend!


Yo JillyD, it's Yo (moniker of course!) The helpful rectangle seems to think I am from Fenton; close enough! Speaking of "close enough", I also am not a fan of the "best of the worst". Is it an honor or a near miss? HMMM

Suzanne H

Small town, Idaho, also known as BFE, north of Boise :o). Just kidding. I actually like it here. I followed a link from Pioneer Woman and found you. Sorry to hear about your friend moving- that has happened to my daughter- TWICE! One of her friends is due back this year after being in China for three years. She is stoked!!


Hello JillyD, glad to see you out there having fun. I don't see my lovely city listed (Grand Blanc) - it appears that the helpful rectangle wants to report that I'm from Bloomfield Hills, which quite frankly, I'll take.


!Hola Chicas! Yeah, the rectangle says that I am from Fenton, too. ACTUALLY I am the lucky chick that lives next door to 'Yo'. . . Small Town , Michigan . . . very exciting . . .
I like humble people, getting good mail, and long runs on the beach.
I'm sad about Jenny and Snack Daddy taking a leave of absence. I've been giving them plenty of space. . . seems like they're already gone . . .
No one ever asks me to be in their book club because every time I try to read a book I fall asleep.
Or maybe I'm just not that interesting.
I have two beautiful children that are my miracles from God.
I have a beautiful man for a husband who is also my best friend. He and your husband picked a fight with each other this past spring - boobs.
I'm still waiting for God to tell me what 'The Grand Plan For My Life' is. Then I realize that maybe this IS the grand plan for my life and I'd better quit waiting and get busy and do an exceptional job or else I am an exceptional loser.
I love you. Love your family. Love your blog.
Enjoy your summer, wild thing!


Hi.... I'm Melany. I'm the Mel from South Africa (remember my first nick name? Mel_from_SA...that's before I had Quintus. Just thought I'd share that info lol
Back to me...oh wait....this is all about me. So I live in sunny South Africa. Mom to three amazing boys. Apparently I'm an accountant and according to legal documentation married to the man I share my house with. I have 4 dogs (darn that's more than my kids!)

cb in nm

Hello! Glad you're back! I'm CaraBeth from Hobbs, NM. I also followed you here from PW's blog.


Ew! It says I live in Binghamton. If you're from here, like I am, you'd NOT want to live there ... it's the ghetto. I live in a small town about 30 minutes from Binghamton, though. I'm a wife, mom, and teacher, presently enjoying the heck out of my summer vacation. :)


Willis' Mom

I thought I better post because JillyD doesn't like that I only read and never post clever comments...not that I'm afraid of her or anything. I live close enough to JillyD to see her regularly, although not enough during the summer. Each time I do see her, I usually end up laughing hysterically about something she said or did. She's just that kind of gal.

Kim in SC/Dixcgirl

Hi Jill! I just thought I'd drop by to read up on what my fellow '68er was up to this summer. You crack me up! Your handy dandy little triangle over there says I'm in Goose Creek, SC.....doesn't that just sound like the cat's meow??!! LOL I like Charleston, SC much better!


What, my temporary country of residence doesn't get a shout out? It's because we're still connected by land isn't it? Anyway, here in Mexico we're thinking of you and the BFFs. Can totally relate. All I can say is, time goes fast, trust me. I'll make a paloma tonight to help ease your pain.

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