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October 22, 2007


Mach One

What a way to be suprised. A fine restaurant quality meal shared with friends. What more can you ask for. Thank you to everyone who made this such an enjoyable evening.


Could I get the recipe for that soup? I love the margarita glass! Sounds like it was a blast.

jenni from the hood

Thanks Jilly D - you sure know how to make a hostess feel good!

Pocket Aces and I had a great time too - not too hard when your celebrating a good friend's 40th with a crowd who obviously hadn't been out in a long time :-) I fear 'Party Like a Rock Star - part 2' might reveal scenes that will keep all of us from ever running for public office!

Bandcamp - the recipe is on its way.
FYI - I'm trying to convince JillyD to start a cooking site (like Pioneer Woman) much to do - too little time...

Uncle Garr

OK, I'm here, and there are only three hours left in the day. Where the hell is the sequel?

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