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September 07, 2007


Mach One

Smell, what smell - really it was not that bad. Or maybe it is from spending many years working on this very farm with pigs. Mom would make me strip my clothes off on the back steps before re-entering the house.


It looks so beautiful there. The pictures are great! Grandpa Dean is looking really good. I bet Mach One misses it sometimes.


LOL.. come on one more trip to pberg in the fall before the snow falls??? My family too is from a small town and taking the trip there (only a 5 hour drive) to share a bedroom with a thousand people and share the one bathroom with those same thousand people, doesnt quite make it to the top of my priority list either... I have been reduced to peeing in the yard on more than 1 occasion. Then you sit around with the old folks and play cards for hours on end and hear about how city (LOL yes "city)workers should not be spending the "city's" taxpayers hard earned money by traveling in city cars home for lunch everyday....

I feel your pain.


When Mach One is missing it terribly, we have dairy farmer friends in Bancroft (that is nearby, just saying!) and a friend whose family are also pig farmers (just 2 hours away). It could be a day-trip, minus the vacation butt!!


Long time lurker here....I haven't ever commented on your blog before but I get a big kick out of your writing and could not resist telling you so after this blog post. How funny! I love the way you write your story. .....don't shit for 3 days 'cause the bathrooms off the kitchen..ha ha ha but so true! And driving 8 hours to do nothing!! so funny. I just got home to Mpls. from a 6 hour drive visiting in Iowa so I totally understand what you were saying!

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