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September 09, 2007


Mach One

Glad it is Susie pregnant and not my JillyD. I remember having that taken care of about 7 years ago. It is nice having a 10 and 7 year old.

Uncle Garr

I don't know, but you look pretty friggin' evil in that picture of you and Mach One. Something sinister is dancing in your eyes...

Be afraid. Be very afraid!

(BTW..."Siouxsie and the Banshees"!)


What a riot!! And you thought you wouldn't have any fun! I'm sure Susie would be quite proud of the rack you so prominently displayed!! Money well spent, Mach One!


Zest for livin', that's what you have! Also, that really cute shirt - where did you get it? And I'm not sure, but I think you're standing next to Randy Travis in that last picture - hah!


Oh my gosh! You are a hoot!

And Don Wayne has a rather high waistline, it seems!



Does that last guy have any kids?? I would think he has damaged the boys (if you know what I mean)by wearing his jeans so high! Shit I thought that those high ass jeans went out with the 80's? Well then again they are making a comback... Why I cant tell you I thought we all burned those 80's pics.. why go back there again?

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