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August 07, 2007



Being the mother of four daughters, I fashion myself somewhat of an expert so here is my best advise:

Stick with the ice cream ploy! Kate is 18 and it's still is working just fine! If they press the subject, bring out the sprinkles and chocolate sauce:)

Triple L

I personally believe that you gave the best answer possible. Another words I agree with cowgirls' mom. They don't need to know that stuff at 10. When the question gets put to me I just might bury my head in the sand or better yet get out the ice cream and sprinkles.


Sorry, ladies..I disagree!! My 8 year old son was asking what "sexy" and "sex" meant all last summer. He told me he was hearing these words on the school bus...nice, right??? He is kind of an intellect. So...I decided to trot over to the local bookstore and purchase a book for him to read. The lady was so helpful with finding the right book. The one I chose was written by the creators of the cartoon Arthur so it was very kid friendly and not too detailed-can't remember the name of it right now. I told him to read it and he could ask me questions or talk about it when he felt like it. It has been a year now and he asks me questions every now and again. It was hard at first..but now I really feel a sense of relief. I felt so uncomfortable talking about it so I guess I "passed the buck" to a book. It worked for me!!! Good luck JillyD.

Uncle Garr

"The Talk" is on Uncle Garr's list of "Things to Get Done Before Summer Ends." The fifth graders get the whole shootin' match (GET IT?) talk this year and, like you, I want to be proactive. Maybe we could tag team and do it together?

Ugh. Where's that ice cream?


Like TashaV, I plan to use a book as the intro to this topic. My son has already asked a few questions about where babies come from and such. He's only just turning 8, but has shown an unseemly interest in a Victoria's Secret catalog that I left around once - so I figured I better get prepared.

We went to the library last week and as we were walking out a book caught my eye - it is called, "Dr. Ruth Talks To Kids: Where You Came From, How Your Body Changes, and What Sex Is All About"

Here it is on amazon:

I read the whole thing in an hour. It's written for the child, not the parent, but I wanted to learn what Dr. Ruth had to say. It's not something that I will share with my son for another couple of years - but it made me at least feel like I'm a bit more prepared if he asks me questions in the meantime.

Mach One

I never had any talks growing up. My parents must have figure my time working on the local animal farms was all that was needed. Maybe the next time we are at my parents we can go visit a few;-)

Trixie Shorte'

Oh, yeah, I'm a big Chicken - ran straight to my friend with the bookstore and ordered 4 books to take away the fear. Got them, read them . . . still had to talk to her. But I'll tell you, pal . . . it was a blessing - as it will be with you. You are so in love with that girl that this journey together will just make you stronger and that much more giddy that you are sharing the world with each other.
An excellent book that we both like is "What's the Big Deal? Why God Cares About Sex." by Stan & Brenna Jones. It's designed for ages 8 to 11 and is a fun and easy read for the young one. All of the basics are covered along with 'Why do a lot of people - even teenagers - have sex with their boyfriends or girlfriends before Marriage?, 'What is AIDS?', 'What is Sexual Abuse?'. It's pretty thorough and puts all things in a great context: Sex, sexuality and excitement along with the responsibility to continue being the person God wants us to be. I highly recommend it. Our friend with the bookstore got one for herself, also.
So, take a deep breath and say the whole :
"So, the sperm and egg meet during sexual intercourse when a man and a woman fit his penis into her vagina . . . It feels awesome to share this special closeness when you love somebody . . . "
Then exhale. . . And enjoy the rest of the summer with this secret of life that you are sharing knowingly with each other.

Miller Lite

Boy Jill,

I haven't been able to read your blog in a few days. You did get many responses to this entry!!! I have no advice, I'm not ready to go there yet!!! It will happen soon enough! Let me know what advice works!!

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