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August 14, 2007



I miss her alot :[


I am sure your grandmother is around you and your family perhaps more often than you think. Also I would tell you that your grandma had called you at 2 am. When my best friend died weird things started happening. Like coins suddenly appeared in the crack between the windshield and dash board of my car. I said thanks Big B and put the coins in my ashtray.. the next morning they were back in that same spot... so I left them there. He died in a car accident while driving his partners car, for months after I would be surrounded by that make and model of car whenever I was driving. I mean the same car on all four sides of me... What is the chances of that happening every time you hop in the car? Anyway I like to believe our loved ones stay by us even after they leave their bodies. I would put money on the fact that she was there for each of your childrens births and knows them as intamately as you do.

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