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July 30, 2007


Mach One

Knowing Lawrence, I am sure he pass away the way he wanted. Out in the woods cutting firewood. It would have been there or his strawberry patch. Being found 6 days later - not so much. May God have mercy on his soul.


Oh - what a creepy story - especially since just 2 days ago we discussed your "aversion to going into the woods". I am very sorry to hear of Larry's passing, but like Mach One said, he probably died in one of his "happy places". I am very much looking forward to tomorrows post - and am very much expecting to see "The Picture"...........

Miller Lite

Sorry to hear about Larry, but great story. Don't we all have some different people in our families, I really think that is way they have family reunions. It is a chance for the "normal" people to see where they came from!!! Since I am new to this blog thing, I can't wait for the picture thing!

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