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July 10, 2007



I am so proud of how you handled this - can't say that I'd be so controlled. You rock, JillyD!


I know we've discussed this; however, can 7 year olds officially be "jerks" or are they simply being "7"? Doesn't being a "jerk" take a conscious, concerted effort? Loser must have some perfectly wonderful, well-behaved at all times, children. Based on the example she is setting, I seriously doubt it!!! Way to go JillyD!!

Mach One

I have seen her kids in action and they are not perfectly wonderful and well behaved. I would not call them jerks, but I like to think that I have a little common sense. The word wild comes to mind, but that is just me. I am proud of how you handled her.


Nobody calls my motorcyle ridin buddy a jerk. I'm glad you got it straightend out cause I would.......!! and she wouldn't like it- just sayin'


Ha!!! Yay! You are fabulous.


hahahaha, you actually got to say your peace.cuz nobody calls my lil cuz a jerk. =]

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