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July 11, 2007



Sorry about your luck. Better luck next year, my friend..............


Too funny!!! Needed a good laugh this morning.


A line from an 80's tune comes to mind, "She's a beauty, one in a million"

Jenn Johnston

LOL! Gotta love a mom with like 15 kids all of whom without regard to age know how to give the finger.. or at least trys.. see this is why I choose not to have children I can picture me as the mom in this shot!!! And I dont want to go stealing other peoples awards!

Miller Lite

Love the picture!!! I can see that being me and my boys!!!!!

Melany aka Supermom

You gave it your best shot lol

Mach One

You are too funny - you make me laugh every day.

CB in NM

How precious is Mach One's comment? :)

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