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April 02, 2007


Uncle Garr

I think you could've just blamed the whole vertical bangs thing on the wind.

Honestly, that's what I thought it was at first glance! ("No...the wind just caught her hair...that's all...well...maybe not...")


I think I know what you were thinking...we must assume that it takes great gobs of brainpower (not to mention stubbornness) to secure said master's degree and you were clearly taunting others with your impressive cranial development by sporting that soaring hair style. As for the minivan? That's definitely a small penalty in coolness points-- but only a PhD would have spotted this faux pas.

Melany aka Supermom

This was VERY funny! At least your hair wasn't in your face lol


I loved your idea at Ree's photo naming contest!

About this photo, don't feel bad, it was a 80's hangover. My graduation photo taken in 1993 has my hair poofed out on the sides several inches, and straight up on top too, with a few claw bangs. Weren't the 80's great?

The minivan, yeah, that is pretty funny. I have 3 kids and NO desire to own a minivan.

Mach One

Looking at the flag in the back ground (the one right over the minivan), I would say that it was very windy that day. I am sure your hair looked fabulous before the wind played its evil trick for the camera.

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