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April 07, 2007


Mach One

I do not think arm wrestling will be necessary. If my memory serves me correctly, Lenny is taller than Squiggy. That will dictate me being Squiggy, since Pocket Aces is much taller than I. Although I am not sure how I will pull off the slicked back hair.


Wow! I never realized we had celebrity residing so close!
I believe Mr. Defazio's gal pal was Edna Babbish; I could be wrong.

Trixie Shorte'

My Dear, dear friend . . .
You are so hilarious that we all just need to SOOOooo treasure the time we have with you until Letterman snatches you up. (I'll bet you never saw THAT 'snatch' coming. It almost got right by you, didn't it Jilly D.)(Amazing what one can slip into an innocuous comment,Hmmmm?)
Seriously, we are blessed to have you so generously bestow upon us your brilliant verbage. Sounds so much like herbage. Do your lovely children read this? I'd better check.
I'll be Leather Tuscadero. Yo! Pinky!

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