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April 19, 2007


Mach One

Notice how it was all cloudy, cold and rainy yesterday? Sanjaya is gone and today brings a beautiful day with sun shine and warmer weather. Coincidence? Maybe, but there were cheers and relief from our group watching the show.

jenni from the hood

Yep, got your back on your singing you're much better lookin' than that disaster!

I'm probably the only person in the US that doesn't watch AI...I figure why waste an hour watching TV when I can get all the goods from JillyD's blog - it's much more entertaining!!

Hope you enjoyed your b-day lunch with Bandcamp and your mom :-)


Now that Sanjaya is gone, guess I will brush up on my texas hold em skills online for an hour on Tuesdays. All In!!!

CB in NM

Bonnie Raitt is so not dead! :)

...and I am guessing you weren't thrilled with Carrie Underwood taking the country route and coming out with the single "Jesus Take the Wheel?"

Although I did want her, Carrie U., to win, I am not a fan of that song either. UCKO!

Triple L

Now I don't have to stop watching AI---this was going to be my last week if they didn't vote him off. I should really take Wyseguy's advice and watch hold em on tv during that time to brush up on my skills.

Triple L

Did you get your Roomba?????

Band Camp

The Tigers lost 4-3. The Kestrels lost 4-3. Sanjaya was voted off of Idol. Something good had to happen yesterday!! I can't believe that you don't know who Bonnie Raitt is! You truly don't know any country music! You should try may like it...I'm just sayin'!


"But who the hell are we going to mock now?" Not to point out the obvious, but I'm pretty sure you just mocked Melinda "no neck" DoLittle. That's OK, though... Justin is convinced she looks like Shrek.

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