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April 28, 2007


Band Camp

OMG! Were you ever skinny! Look at those muscular arms! Love the Halloween pic! Mysterious eyes! I will have to dig up the picture of WyseGuy & me with our matching perms! That was a gem...remember?
Ever think about being a hairdresser? Just sayin...

Uncle Garr

Good times on the CAC Photo Road Rally...good times...

(Remember how we won it all having our picture taken "with" Bill Bonds?? BRILLIANT!)


The good thing is Bandcamp does not have a clue how th email a picture, and I am now going to go thru all the old pics we have and burn anything I don't want to get out.

JillyD - the green top looks like the one my grandmother wore cleaning the house.

Now back to finding all those horrible pictures of me.

Mach One

Pictures of JillyD from when I was trying to woo her while we worked at CAC. This was a fun road rally with Uncle Garr. I also remember peanut butter being smeared on someone’s head.

Uncle Garr

That would've been Mr. Uncle Garr's head, Mach One. Except we cheated and used a plastic Kroger bag to hermetically seal his head before applying the Jif!


I did not realize (probably neither did Satan Spawn!) you were a beautician!!! Did you manage to work any magic! You should have put down the scissors and scrubbed her makeup OFF!

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