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April 26, 2007



Thanks to JillyD and Jenni from the Hood, I now have a great (feet) screen saver for my computer. Got to go with Jenni from the Hood toes, JillyD is being voted off. JillyD can now hang with Sanjaya.


It appears as though Wyseguy has forgotten that JillyD has the ability to ban his IP address from viewing the blog. Just sayin'!

But I wouldn't do that because I love Wyseguy and all of his wyse ass comments. How come your wife doesn't write things professing her undying love for you? I think you chose the wrong sister. Just sayin'...

Uncle Garr

Did Jenni from the Hood *REALLY* have her fourth toe painted black, white and pink (like those old chewy candies...what the hell were those? Blackjacks?) Or is it a faulty camera?

(In which case, now Mach One knows what to get you for Christmas!)

Triple L

Maybe if I put a picture of the Roomba as my screen saver Big B will get the hint of what I want for my b-day. Do you think it will work? I however won't let him read this blog because then he will think all I will do is get manicures and pedicures, if I got a Roomba.

Mach One

The best husband ever may be a stretch, but I try. Now if I could swing that in-ground swimming pool on everyones wish list. Just think of the blog entries that could generate.

jenni from the hood

I think Mach One might get more than blog entries if he came through with the inground pool...I'm just sayin'!!

Triple L - I won't give Pocket Aces the link to the blog either...I don't need to hear blah blah blah about my adventures with JillyD. The less he knows the better!


"Somehmmm, Somehmmm," "I'm just sayin," I get the best lingo from you chicks!
Mach one is definitely one of the best. A tear comes to my eye as I picture your Roomba keeping house . . .


Jill you are the funniest person in the world! I love this story.

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