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January 03, 2007



Make-up is such an interesting concept and I buy into it like most of my friends. I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and say, "Maybe I'd be more attractive if my eyelids were BLUE!"
One thing you had on your senior picture that your niece didn't...her name. Was "Jill" printed on yours so that someday you would be reminded of what your name was in case your forgot?

jenni from the hood ;-)

Maybe no margaritas before Catholic school but did you get a ride with Cheech and Chong?

Melany aka Supermom

Oh gosh, I don't even want to look at my highschool photos. They really should have banned the 80's. It was bad bad bad!! (so glad you "found" my blog - will be nice to follow up on your life here....and yes...when did our kids get to be almost 7?!)


You make me laugh so hard, I can't stand it!!! It is so ironic that you compared yourself and Megan, since she is so much like you it isn't even funny! I really think she is more you than me! I love your senior pic. You look beautiful! I'm glad you like the flaming ball! This blog thing is great!

Michelle Cairnduff

The 80's are so yesterday ---- until next year or the year after when "pegged ankle jeans" and "Big hair" are all the rage, again. Until then we will just keep the jeans in the back of the closet and continue to stock up on Rave and White Rain --- we will be SO ready!!!!!! XO - M.


I'll have to share my floating head senior picture with you someday!! What were they thinking with that pose?


This blog = hilarious!
You and megan are soo alike I have to admit it. Did my megan tell you we are attending a My Chemical Romance concert on the 28th of February?
I love your senior picture!
I love you <3


Jill, I think you should have a contest to come up with what you might have been thinking of while you were having that photo taken.

Here are some "thought-starters" as we like to say in Big Business:

1. Do I need to hit K-Mart for more blue eye-liner, or do I have enough to get me through the weekend?

2. Do you think Grandma will be mad that I stole her sweater for this photo?

3. I wonder if everyone is going to hang out at the Burger King parking lot again this weekend?

4. I wish I had a flaming baseball right now.

Keep up the blogging, Jill! It is a hoot.

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